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Drift Eliminator

Seagull SJ Type Drift Eliminator

In every cooling tower there is loss of water to the environment due to evaporative cooling process.

Drift , however is the undesirable loss of liquid water to the environments via small droplets that became entrained in the leaving air stream. Their water droplets carry with them chemicals and minerals thus impacting the surrounding environment.

Drift Eliminators are designed to capture large water droplets caught in the cooling tower stream. The eliminators prevent the water droplets and mist from escaping the cooling tower.

Advantages & Descriptions

  • High Efficiency of Eliminating Drift
  • Loss of <0 001% of the circulating water flow rate
  • Long Life
  • Advanced PVC with additive carbon black material to improve resistance ageing anti-ultraviolet and mechanical performance
  • Low Air Resistance and Low Cost
  • Resistance - 7 85 Pa
  • Environment Protection and Water Saving
  • Reduced drift loss so as the makeup and the treatment chemical
  • High Rigidity and Easy Assembly
  • Made through pultrusion to assure the uniformity, Assembly with plug-in method increases rigidity
  • Fan Protection
  • Reduce humidity of exit air and prevent fan in contact win moisture which can prolong the service life of the fan blade

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