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Orbit Water Treatment Technologies

The technology works via a console and processor installed around the water pipe (main feeder line) to which an electric field of changing frequency is applied. This induces an alternating electric field inside the pipe promoting crystal growth for mineral ions present in water. These mineral crystal remains suspended in water and prevent scaling inside the pipe. This technology has been used in compressors, condensers, HVAC, boilers, cooling towers, chillers, compressors, inter-coolers, humidifiers, plastic moulding machine, blast furnaces, etc.

This device not only prevents scale formation on your existing pipes and equipment but also removes the old scales. There is a substantial saving in terms of chemicals, water & electricity cost with short payback time.

Benefits of using De Scaler are:-

  • Prevention of Scaling
  • Descaling (Removal of Old Scale Layers)
  • Anti – Rusting Treatment

It is a “FIT & FORGET” technology, means no maintenance, no addition of Chemicals / Salts, no wastage of water, no cleaning.

The technology has been used in compressors, water fed plants, condensers & air conditioning plants, boilers, cooling towers, chillers, compressors, inter – coolers, humidifiers, plastic injection moldings, R.O. membranes etc.

The technology is environment friendly and is able to

  • Save Water.
  • Save cost of expensive & harmful chemicals.
  • Save energy.
  • Save on maintenance time
  • Increase production by reducing breakdowns.
  • Extends life of capital Equipment’s by avoiding scaling & rusting

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